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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy includes a wide range of treatments based on the goal of releasing the tensed or inflamed muscles.  After a single session, you should begin to see changes in your body, mind and energy.

What is a "trigger point"?

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For muscular aches & pains
Improved range of motion
Relaxation and well being
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My Certifications
About me

In 2007 when I was 24 years old I started  lifting weights, taking it seriously. 
After training consistently for two years, I became fairly strong,
In 2009 I took a break from any sport and activity to concentrate on school.

In 2011 nearly done with college, my personal time increased, but after a two year break I am fat, have no aerobic endurance, and I lost much of my strength that I had built up. 
A close friend "dragged" me to the gym on memorial day (in the US). I tested my strength with some basic lifts and I was devastated by how much they had dropped. 


After that I returned to strength training and have not stopped since

After two years of no exercise I was out of shape and lost mobility.
Thinking I could still train as I did prior to my hiatus was a mistake, training without guidance from a certified trainer led me to injure my back.
I was unable to walk normally without pain, I started researching remedies.

I found Trigger Point Therapy, after contacting a therapist in my area I immediately started therapy sessions. all while continuing weight training, I worked around my injury doing what I can. After a month I was pain free!


Trigger Point Therapy sessions along with strength training, and perfecting my lifting technique: 
The trifecta fixed the back injury I had, and the everyday aches and pains I had previously, for example my knees and shoulders no longer ache daily.

I found two passions in life
1) Strength / weight training myself, and being a certified personal trainer so that I can help others do it it right

Strength will help everyday life in our youthful years, and also helps to prevent and correct complications in elderly years. Strength training with proper form is the fountain of youth.


2) Trigger Point Therapy. Going through the therapy sessions I realized how positively it affected and helped me:

That was the moment I decided that I want to return this very gift to the world so I can help with their aches and pains. Living with aches and pains or mobility restrictions coming from your muscles, shouldn’t be something as a part of life.

Two years after moving to Israel, in December 2015, I completed the personal trainer certification course. I've been working in the field since and absolutely love what I do, by helping others reach their physical goals.

Shortly after in July of 2016, I completed my therapist course, a dream come true, and since then I have been helping people be pain free and be able to move around better as well

Since then I have completed more courses always seeking to improve my skill and technique.

Hours of operation
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Mon - Thurs: 07:00 - 21:00
Friday: 07:00 - 16:00
Saturday: closed

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